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    oh man wouldn’t it be GREAT if Hollywood gave Medusa the movie treatment and showed her as the tragic wronged hero she was? Just chillin’ out as a just a ordinary woman until Poseidon raped her in Athena’s temple and instead of being like “DUDE UNCLE NO WTF ARE YOU DOING?!” and smiting him, Athena punished the victim and turned her into a monster with snakes for hair…only wait Athena isn’t an idiot and how could she even punish the god of the sea? But she could give Medusa the power to make sure no man ever laid a goddamn finger on her again. Until Perseus traipsed in and fucked it all up. Way to go idiot. I bet if you’d just asked nicely she might have turned shit to stone for you.

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  5. "A message to an ex whom I adore: “Though you and I my have fallen short of the mark which I view as the ultimate arrival for true couples, & we’ve both put each other through some pain, I will never nor will I ever let anyone else depict you as less than a queen (even though you & I may never be….) All because to me regardless if your mine or not to me you are truly a treasure & I’m glad/honored to have ever crossed paths with you. You opened my eyes to so much & sparked a great deal of growth which made my want/appreciation for love peak beyond anything you’d even imagine just out of pure gratitude & even if you & I may never be I’d be stupid to not be thankful for that much….Thank you…You’ll always hold a very special place in my heart…"
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  7. "When the going gets tough that’s when you find out that some of the “tough” were just pretending…"
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  8. Me…

  9. Done by Mr McFadden..
    & yea that’s me in the bottom right..
    FRESHA shield… #nice

  10. hometown girls! :)

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    fucking LOL

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  12. tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?



  13. "in attempts to gain ground with those that they like (or feel like they can gain from) many will caress egos & tell them lies. i used to give a lot of honest feedback & compliments to people that I viewed as “cool” but I’ve cut back for the fact that when theres an abundance of it pouring in it becomes difficult to differentiate from genuine & typical. i know in life it may be difficult to do so but, never lose sight of whats real…"
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  15. Greatest entertainer ever…

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