2. "When the going gets tough that’s when you find out that some of the “tough” were just pretending…"
    — T SHEFF
  3. Me…

  4. Done by Mr McFadden..
    & yea that’s me in the bottom right..
    FRESHA shield… #nice

  5. hometown girls! :)

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    fucking LOL

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  7. tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?



  8. "in attempts to gain ground with those that they like (or feel like they can gain from) many will caress egos & tell them lies. i used to give a lot of honest feedback & compliments to people that I viewed as “cool” but I’ve cut back for the fact that when theres an abundance of it pouring in it becomes difficult to differentiate from genuine & typical. i know in life it may be difficult to do so but, never lose sight of whats real…"
    — T SHEFF
  10. Greatest entertainer ever…

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  12. "Never choose the ones you wanna sleep with over the one you love waking up next to…"
    — T SHEFF
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    the essentials.